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McGuire Center for Entrrepreneurship

Elective Courses

ENTR 481A - 001 Innovation, Translation and Entrepreneurship

Course Description: Where do new medical devices and therapeutic systems come from? In this course students will learn how one Innovates in the medical arena and how you take a concept of potential practical value and make it real. All the critical steps in medical innovation will be discussed.

ENTR 500A - 001 Technology, Entrepreneurship and Commercialization

Course Description: This course will expose MBAs and other Graduate students to venture creation and technology commercialization. Students will form teams across all disciplines as well as utilizing UA IP. Teams will be exposed to entrepreneurship in the economy and the determinants of entrepreneurial activity. The course will delineate skills needed to start a new enterprise, division, or product/service line, to recognize economic opportunity and understand key requirements for a successful venture.

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